Rise Up

Encouraging students to engage by rising up to achieve individual improvement and celebrating those achievements.
For all students, based on a whole-school framework, targeted support is provided to assist students to set and meet individual improvement goals around attendance, achievement, leadership and community engagement.  
A ‘Tiers of Opportunity’ and ‘Points Guide’ system has been developed to support students to aspire to their personal best. 

Participating Schools

Hedland Senior High School
Newman Senior High School


To increase engagement at school by improving individual student attendance, academic achievement, taking on leadership roles, mentoring others, meeting a set goal and actively engaging with the community. 

BHP continues to work with education experts in the Pilbara to identify and provide opportunities to improve the lives of local students. As part of the Pilbara Education Partnership, the Rise Up program will be offered to all students from Years 5 to 12, and will be developed by school leaders, students, parents and the community to make sure it is tailored to their needs.

 — Hon Sue Ellery, Education and Training Minister 

Expected Outcomes

  •  A better sense of belonging and identity to the school for students. 

  • Enhanced socio emotional development and supports for students.

  • Increased motivation from students to improve and aspire to the next level.
  • More opportunities for leadership.
  • Increase in recognition and rewards for students and positive reinforcement from staff.
  • Increased family and community participation in the school.


Rise Up

Newman Senior High School ‘Scientists’ Showcase Innovation

A focus of the Rise Up program is to support students to aspire to the next level, enhance student sense of belonging and strengthen community connection. The Rise Up program at Newman Senior High School recently collaborated with the school Quantitative Sciences department and BHP to host Science Week.

Rise Up

Year 7 Students Developing as Leaders

The Rise Up program provides leadership opportunities for students who aspire as leaders. The program is facilitating Hedland Senior High School Year 7 Student Leaders to develop capacity for self-improvement through YouthCARE G.R.I.T. (Growth Resilience Integrity Traction) workshops.

Rise Up

WA Student Council Success

Rise Up Newman has been working to broaden leadership opportunities, supporting its Student Councillors through the process of applying to become a member of the WA Student Council.