Building clear pathways for all students from primary to secondary school, all the way into training and employment.
This program has been implemented in two schools, Hedland Senior High School and Newman Senior High School. 

The Pathway strategy in Hedland provides a more explicit focus on individual students’ needs, including literacy, numeracy and social emotional needs. 

In Newman the strategy is focussed on strengthening partnerships with training providers such as TAFE, and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), agencies, organisations, industry and local community.  

Hedland Success Program
Hedland Senior High School
Newman Innovations & Industry
Newman Senior High School


The Pathways strategy aims to achieve the following for students and young people in the Pilbara:  

Develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes  
Through a planned program of learning experiences in education and training settings, we aim to assist students and young people to make informed decisions about their future. 

Increase opportunities  
Support young people to have more opportunities to become immersed in the new world of work, training, or study 

Build skills and capabilities 
Prepare young people for life beyond school by building skills and capabilities for employment, further training, or further study. 

Strengthening their future and the community 
Ensure students leave school with essential life attributes and skills to become productive members of the community.  

Work readiness 
Support students to be work-ready for the existing and emerging economy. 

Active members of the community 
Prepare students to effectively connect with their communities through relevant training and employment initiatives. 

A plan for the future 
Provide every student with a pathway to the future. 

Understand and communicate their value 
Empower students to understand and articulate the full range of their personal capabilities, achievements and strengths. 


Key Directions

These key directions underpin the broader project strategy and guide the actions, resourcing, and measurement of its progress:

Year 7 to 12 Aspiration, Engagement and Participation
Establish a clear pathway of individual student aspiration through all years of compulsory secondary schooling (Year 7 to 12) through a case management-based, culturally responsive, wrap-around support model to assist each student achieve their potential.

Innovative School Based Training Opportunities
Collaborating with our network, deliver high quality and relevant school-based traineeships or apprenticeships that provide students with experiences of employment, training conditions and responsibilities which lead to more advanced training or employment.

Businesses and Industry Collaboration
A cohesive, school led approach to the planning and delivery of pathways between stakeholders. This includes engaging with business and industry stakeholders to provide career development, work experience, VET and School Based Training options.

ATAR Achievement Support
Support increased number of students’ access to ATAR courses and help them achieve their potential.



ATAR Students Supported to Improve Study Skills

The BHP Pilbara Education Partnership supports ATAR students to achieve their academic objectives through providing opportunity to participate in ATAR revision tutorials designed to re-teach and revise to reveal to students how what they have learnt will be assessed in final exams.


Real Life Work Exposure Proving Successful for Hedland Students

The Hedland Senior High School Success Program, funded by the BHP through the BHP Pilbara Education Partnership, provides skills and training for students who benefit from additional wraparound support, rather than mainstream schooling.


Supporting Young People to Aspire

Newman Senior High School Pathways strategy seeks to establish a clear pathway of individual student aspiration, with a goal setting, self-reflection and individual learning pathways approach for each student.