Rise Up

Year 7 Students Developing as Leaders

The Rise Up program provides leadership opportunities for students who aspire as leaders. The program is facilitating Hedland Senior High School Year 7 Student Leaders

Rise Up

WA Student Council Success

Rise Up Newman has been working to broaden leadership opportunities, supporting its Student Councillors through the process of applying to become a member of the

Rise Up

Leadership Alliance

Increasing leadership opportunities for students was a focus for Hedland Senior High School’s Rise Up program, when hosting a Student Leadership Alliance Day.

Rise Up

Bobbi Lockyer: Rise Up role-model

Local Aboriginal artist, Bobbi Lockyer, who is making headway with her career nationally and internationally, mentored Rise Up students to paint a wall mural.

Rise Up

Building Student Leaders in the Local Community

The Rise Up program seeks to encourage students to engage by rising up to achieve individual improvement around attendance, achievement, leadership, mentoring and community engagement

Rise Up

Rise Up Program Continues

We are excited to announce the Rise Up pilot program has been officially extended until December 2023. At Newman Senior High School and Hedland Senior

Rise Up

Meet Keilani Rise Up Student

Keilani is one of our Year 12 students who volunteered to coach junior students as part of the community Net-Set-go program. Hear from Keilani on

Rise Up

Meet Beau Rise Up Student

Beau is a Year 10 student who is a valuable member of the Student Leadership Team and a very capable Taekwondo coach and mentor outside

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