About Us

The BHP Pilbara Education Partnership is a collaboration between organisations, service providers and community members, working together to ensure all students and young people start school well prepared and are ready to take advantage of the Pilbara’s unique employment opportunities.

Our Brand

As a collaborative partnership between organisations, service providers and community members, the saying ‘many hands make light work’ has always been a governing ethos — indicative of the work required to bring about seismic change and the necessary path for us to achieve these goals. 
At the end of 2016, BHP and the Department of Education launched the 2016 to 2020 BHP Pilbara Education Partnership. At this event all participants were invited to make an impression of their hands upon a banner thus creating our ‘brand’.
The ‘many hands’ graphic represent the community and schools coming together to improve educational outcomes for children and young people of the region.


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Partnership objectives

We aim to achieve the following for students and young people in the Pilbara: 

  • Improve education opportunities and generate greater value.

  • Improve life outcomes.

  • Attract and retain more families in the Pilbara.

  • Provide children the opportunity to start school better prepared.

  • Offer youth the opportunity to approach the future better prepared.

  • Encourage positive life outcomes.

  • Increase the range of opportunities which complement what can already accessed.

  • Accelerate the impact of current learning programs in Pilbara schools.

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Rise Up HSHS Sports day

Focus Areas

Our three focus areas are strategically aligned with the key stages of a child’s education and aims to provide children of the Pilbara with the foundations for a successful future, throughout their schooling and beyond.

Early Years

Providing support and intervention services to ensure all children are prepared and ready for school.


Building clear pathways between primary and secondary school, all the way into training and employment.

Rise Up

Supporting students to rise to their full potential and celebrating their success.


Baler Primary School
Cassia Education Support Centre
Cassia Primary School
Port Hedland Primary School
Port Hedland School of the Air
South Hedland Primary School 

Hedland Success Program:
Hedland Senior High School

Hedland Senior High School


Newman Primary School
South Newman Primary School

Newman Innovation & Industry:
Newman Senior High School

Newman Senior High School
And reaching Newman Primary School 
South Newman Primary School 


Onslow Primary School

Jigalong Remote Community School
Marble Bar Primary School
Nullagine Primary School
Yandeyarra Remote Community School


As a collaborative partnership, we are focussed on developing positive relationships with agencies and organisations across the Pilbara in both the private and public sectors.

To support this collaboration, the Partnership has secured relationships through signed Memorandum of Understandings, forming agreements which allow the Partnership to better understand the needs of the community and provide a range of services that ensure children in the Pilbara are getting the best start to life.

Enabling sharing of child health assessment data and intervention information, supporting schools to be as prepared as possible for incoming students.
Delivering Growing Strong Brains training to community-based organisations across Hedland and Newman to establish a community wide program of parent, care giver and family capacity building activities.
Enabling sharing of child health assessment data and intervention information, supporting schools to be as prepared as possible for incoming students.
Enabling sharing of ear health data and intervention information, supporting schools to be as prepared as possible for incoming students.

Our Team


Amanda Lawrence

Partnership Coordinator
Early Years

Kylie Sgherza

Early Years Strategy Coordinator


Family Liaison Officer Hedland

Kelly Watson

Family Liaison Officer Newman

Laura Francis

Deputy, Engagement Success Program Hedland

Pat Keay

Innovations and Industry Coordinator Newman

Peta Hooper

Success Program Support Hedland
Rise Up

Claire Roberts

Rise Up Program Coordinator Hedland

Renee Sheridan

Rise Up Program Coordinator Newman

Sue Hoath

Rise Up Program Support Hedland