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BHP Site Tour Inspires Success Students

Through collaboration between Hedland Senior High School, the BHP Pilbara Education Partnership and BHP, Success Program students recently gained an understanding of the diverse range of career opportunities available through BHP by touring Mooka Ore Car Repair Shop where they viewed cars, Automated Guided Vehicles, stations and control rooms.

This hands-on experience was invaluable for the students, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the work that takes place within the mining industry and the many career opportunities available. They were able to see firsthand the complexity of the operations, the importance of safety protocols, and the high level of skill and expertise required to maintain the equipment. One of the Success students commented “It was cool to see how big the carts are and how BHP works to repair and service them. There’s always enough parts and tools which would make it easier. I reckon I could do this job!”

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