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Positive Start for Success Program

The students have all worked hard to create new names for each of the Success classes. They are extremely proud to begin using them; showing a real sense of pride in the program and classes.

We are excited to announce the new Success class names:

  • Redefining Success (formerly the Welcome Centre)
  • Steps to Success (formerly lower school engagement)
  • Working for Success (formerly senior school engagement)
  • Striving for Success (formerly Milli Maya)

The Working for Success students in particular have much to look forward to this year. The Success Program staff have been working collaboratively with local businesses and industries to create work placement opportunities for each of the students within the Success Program.

Students have started completing online workplace readiness courses and certificates to ensure they are prepared and confident for their work placements. Hedland Senior High School Deputy Principal Laura Francis, overseer of the Success Programs said, “We are proud to be supporting the Working for Success students to develop the necessary skills to harness their future careers.”

“We are proud to be supporting the Working for Success students to develop the necessary skills to harness their future careers.”

Laura Francis — Hedland Senior High School Deputy Principal

They are also completing a First Aid course, their first microcredential for the year, in weekly sessions; receiving outstanding feedback from the presenter on their maturity and engagement in all of the activities. Creating these workplace and training opportunities will help bolster the students’ skills in areas of vocational interest and help create targeted pathways into their chosen careers. The Success Program is ‘bringing the learning to the learner’ through real-life experiences and training. In doing so, we are hoping to create future employment opportunities for all the students in the Success Program.

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