Strengthening educational outcomes for children and young people in the Pilbara.

The Pilbara Education Partnership was established to ensure all children start school well-prepared, to make sure all children and young people are ready to take advantage of all the unique employment opportunities in the Pilbara. 

A bright future
in the Pilbara

The BHP Pilbara Education Partnership was established in 2005, to strengthen education services and improve educational outcomes in public schools within Newman, Port Hedland and surrounding areas within the Shire of East Pilbara and the Town of Port Hedland. 

BHP has invested around $30 million in education since 2010. These generous contributions have significantly impacted Western Australia’s public education in general and more specifically, across the Pilbara. 

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Focus Areas

Our three focus areas are strategically aligned with the key stages of a child’s education and aims to provide children of the Pilbara with the foundations for a successful future, throughout their schooling and beyond.
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Early Years

We want to make sure all children are well prepared for their first day of school and throughout their education.
We work with a range of agencies and organisations, offering a coordinated approach to services and early intervention to address any areas of concern.


Building clear pathways between primary and secondary school, all the way into training and employment.
Providing students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them make informed decisions about their future. We do this by offering a planned program of learning experiences to improve their understanding of career pathways and provide targeted support. Supporting all students to have increased opportunities to engage in the new world of work, training or further education.

Rise Up

Supporting students to rise to their full potential and celebrating their success.
For all students, based on a whole-school framework, targeted support is provided to assist students to set and meet individual improvement goals around attendance, achievement, leadership and community engagement.

I’ve been really trying my hardest and my best. I have been focusing only on my work, all of my work. I think, get it done, have some fun.”

Success Program, Year 12 student


Rise Up Strategy Newman

Rise Up Program Supports Students to Lead

Year 10 student Emmanuel Espenido is rising up to become a Duke of Ed Volunteer Youth Award Leader (YAL). As a YAL Emman will play an important role in championing the Award for his peers by contributing his passion, energy in promoting and encouraging other young people to become involved in the Duke of Ed and support Award participants to succeed in the program.

Rise Up Strategy Hedland

Leadership Alliance Between High School and Primary School Students

The Rise Up program provides opportunities for students who aspire as leaders. The program at Hedland Senior High School recently facilitated it’s second Leadership Alliance Day which when student leaders from the Hedland primary schools joined high school student leaders for a day of activities to help improve their knowledge and application of leadership and wellbeing skills.


ATAR Students Improving Study Skills

The Partnership supports ATAR students to achieve their academic objectives through providing opportunity to participate in ATAR revision tutorials. The tutorials are designed to re-teach and revise to show students how what they have learned will be assessed in final exams.


Real Life Work Exposure Proving Successful

The Hedland Senior High School Success Program, funded by the BHP through the BHP Pilbara Education Partnership, provides skills and training for students who benefit from additional wraparound support, rather than mainstream schooling.

Community Partners

Working together to ensure all students and young people start school well prepared and are ready to take advantage of the Pilbara’s unique employment opportunities.